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Freelance docent en spreker – Brazilië

Lezingen over kleur en kunst, hier in SESC Vila Mariana, [...]

Lezingen over kleur en kunst, hier in SESC Vila Mariana, Sao Paulo. Met vertaler en doventolk. Onder de foto de aankondiging van mijn cursus kleurenleer.

Colour speaks with thousand words. Yellow can be a light that splits the darkness, but it can also express humor, happiness or pain. Red can be courageous as a hero, alarming like a fire or red like the roses you give to your dearest. Blue can be deep as a velvet night, cold like steel or endless like the sky on a cloudless day.

In this workshop, we will use Goethes theory of colour as an important source. With his phenomenological approach it is possible to meet colours like you would meet different personalities that move and affect you in very different ways.

To start with, we’ll do some colour-experiments that show fascinating characteristics in the ‘behavior’ of the colours in the spectrum: red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet. Artistic exercises in painting and in playfull movement will help you to dive into the world of colour much deeper (you don’t need special skills in this fields, its your involvement that counts).  You’ll begin to discover that every colour is ‘a way of being’ that is very specific, but at the same time infinite in meaning and expression.

This two days course is for anyone interested in an enriched colour awareness, in becoming more sensitive for the different (healing) qualities of colour and in making use of these qualities more skillfully. This course is also suitable for people who want to deepen their practice with Goethean phenomenology.

Foto hieronder: Straatleven op de Paulista Avenue, Sao Paulo, op zondag vrij van verkeersstromen!